Netherlands Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation (CCCA)

We are a broad coalition of Dutch knowledge centres, dedicated to providing multisectoral, integrated, practical knowledge and expertise on climate change adaptation.

As the Paris Climate Change Agreement acknowledged, countries and communities around the world need to begin focussing efforts and resources on adapting to the fact that our planet wil warm up significantly above pre-industrial levels. They will have to prepare for rising sea levels and increasingly frequent severe weather events such as droughts, heat waves, wildfires, storms, heavy precipitation and flooding. However, more indirect effects of climate change will extend much further.

The warming climate will set off a wide array of multi-layered disruptions with far-reaching consequences, including in areas such as agriculture, finance, governance, spatial planning, public health, demographics, security, infrastructure, biodiversity and (social) economics.

Hundreds of billions of euros will need to be invested in properly designed ways to make communities and infrastructures more resilient to change. Those efforts will require strong guidance from experts. Only by applying evidence and by using established best practices can the world maximize the impact of its work.

The knowledge community must ensure that governments, businesses and NGOs from all over the world, including those in low- and middle­-income countries, get access to what they need most: sound policy advice based on the best available knowledge, not from separate sectors and disciplines but from the totality of what engineering and natural and social sciences have to offer.

The Netherlands Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation was set up to meet the demand by providing multisectoral, integrated and practical advice, knowledge and expertise.

Our mission

1: Multisectoral


We unite public and private knowledge players from a wide spectrum of disciplines.

2: Integrated


We think adaptation solutions should assimilate all that the natural and social sciences have to offer.

3. Practical


We focus practical policy advice on the multi-layered, multi-faceted challenges that clients actually face.

Our members

EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC





University of Twente

Utrecht University

Our associated partners


SWECO Nederland


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