About Us

The Netherlands Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation (CCCA) is a broad coalition of Dutch knowledge centres, dedicated to providing multisectoral, integrated, practical knowledge and expertise on climate change adaptation. The consortium is made up of ‘members’, who contribute to its governance and to resources for a ‘field office’ in which 3-5 dedicated knowledge brokers are tasked with collecting knowledge requests and setting up the multisectoral project teams needed to provide the appropriate integrated and practical answers. The field office also serves as a central, easy point of access for requests for knowledge and expertise.
The field office is hosted at Utrecht Science Park.
Also part of the consortium are ‘associated partners’, both from the public and private sector, to supplement its expertise and help it connect with society at large. They are not part of the consortium’s governance and do not pay contributions to the ‘field office’. They can however be invited to take part in project teams based on their particular fields of knowledge and/or expertise.
In the future, the list of members and associated partners will probably grow, at which point the field office could grow as well.